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Jimmy Harry is a Golden Globe winning songwriter and composer who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. As committed to music as he is uncommitted to a genre, Harry has worked with artists such as Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Kelly Clarkson, Weezer, Pink, Fischerspooner, Oh Land, and Santana. Recognized at the 2012 Golden Globes by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, he won "Best Original Song" with Madonna and Julie Frost for the song "Masterpiece".

Sprawling the areas of theater, sound installation, composition, and performance, Harry's background plunders the spectrum of art and noise. He began his career as a composer and sound designer in the avant-garde theater scene, working with the Randolph Street Gallery in Chicago, the Public Theater in NYC, and the Red Eye Collaboration in Minneapolis, the city anchoring much of his early orbit. As a young musician Harry plunged into the creative scene, writing and composing, joining rock bands, running an art gallery, and connecting with fellow talented subversives. While on assignment with the Red Eye Collaboration Harry met writer/director Leslie Mohn, with whom he partnered on the performance art piece "Everything In Sight" at MOCA Los Angeles, and installation artist Dorit Cypis, with whom he exhibited at the Whitney Museum.

While commuting between theater companies and rock gigs, Harry made the acquaintance of his long-time mentor and artistic catalyst, the writer/director Lee Bruer. Though Bruer and Harry would collaborate on a number of projects, it was the Atlanta run of Bruer's "The Shaggy Dog Animation" that would prove the most fateful for Harry's career. The production was in the casting stage when Harry, the composer, spotted a colorful performer holding a sign that said, "RU PAUL IS STARRBOOTY". Ru Paul was cast in the show, sparking a creative relationship with Harry that would produce the iconic song "Supermodel".

Harry wrote regularly following the success of "Supermodel", bouncing between the cultural hemispheres of New York and Los Angeles and working with pop stars like Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson. Earning a reputation for talent as well as versatility, Harry continued writing with bands such as Weezer and Ninjasonik, and artists such as Belinda, Santana, and Pink. In 2010 his production of Pink's "Sober" was nominated for a Grammy for Best Female Vocal Performance, and he also wrote and produced "Funhouse", the title track of her release nominated in the category "Best Pop Album".

In 2014 Jimmy Harry was recognized by the Academy of Canadian Cinema with co-writer Serena Ryder and performing arist Mickey Guyton in the category "Best Original Song" for their song "It's No Mistake" from the film The Right Kind of Wrong.

In 2017 Harry began making music under the name Bonsai Mammal and has released several songs, an EP, and remixes. Bonsai Mammal recently signed a multi-song deal with Armada Records. The first release in January 2021 was a new version of “Supermodel” featuring hyperpop chanteuse LIZ. On July 30th, 2021, Armada released “Surrender” featuring Mark Johns (Glitch Mob, Gnash, Lemaitre).


  • 2024: Revenge Wife - Amore - "Amore"
  • 2024: Bonsai Mammal feat. Liz – Supermodel (Kayvan Remix) (Armada) – "Supermodel"
  • 2024: Ashley Kutcher – House On The Water (Darkroom/Interscope) – "Alone With Someone Else"
  • 2023: James Hersey – Let It Shine (Sony Records) – "Let It Shine"
  • 2023: Michael Patrick Kelly – B.O.A.T.S (Extended Version) (Sony Records) (Ger #2)(Aus #2)(Swi #2) – "Two Mothers"
  • 2022: Nils Hoffmann, Malou – About You (Anjuna Deep) – "About You"
  • 2022: Malou - 3 Nights In Venice (Warner Music Germany) - "3 Nights In Venice"
  • 2021: Jazmine Flowers - Adulting (Island UK) - "Darth Vader"
  • 2021: Jazmine Flowers - This Isn't Happiness (Island UK) - "This Isn't Happiness"
  • 2021: Bonsai Mammal feat. Mark Johns - Surrender (Armada) - "Surrender"
  • 2021: Bonsai Mammal feat. Liz - Supermodel (Armada) - "Supermodel"
  • 2020: Juliet Simms - All American (Sumerian Records) - "All American"
  • 2020: Eivør - Nothing To Fear (VOR) - "Segl"
  • 2020: Bonsai Mammal - Within Or Without You (Curvature) - "Within Or Without You"
  • 2020: Bonsai Mammal - Curious (BL) - "Curious"
  • 2020: Syn Cole - Gold (Ultra) - "Gold"
  • 2020: Kiri T - Enemy (Single) (Kurious Grocery Ltd) - "Enemy"
  • 2019: Autograf - Ain't Deep Enough (Single) (Armada) - "Ain't Deep Enough"
  • 2019: Liz - Planet Y2K (Moving Castle) - "Intuition"
  • 2019: Sebastian Paul - Boy Oh Boy (Mad Decent) - "WHO CARES"
  • 2019: Woodes - Silent Disco (Single) (Believe) - "Silent Disco"
  • 2019: Ra Ra Riot - Superbloom (Rob The Rich/Caroline) - "Dangerous"
  • 2019: Cray - Seasons Change And So Do I (Ultra) - "Can Live Without You"
  • 2019: LPX - Junk Of The Heart (LPX) - "Falling To Fall"
  • 2019: Lena Meyer-Landrut - Only Love, L (Polydor) Ger#2 - "Sex In The Morning"
  • 2019: Lostboycrow - Santa Fe (realname/Sony) - "Suburban Home"
  • 2018: Set Mo - See The Light (Single) - "See The Light"
  • 2018: Audra Mae - Love, Audra Mae (Single) (Audra Mae Records) - "Open Arms"
  • 2018: Felix Jaehn - I (L'Argentur/Virgin) - "On a Body Like You" / "Book of Love"
  • 2018: Albin Lee Meldau - The Weight Is Gone (Single) (Astralwerks) - "The Weight Is Gone"
  • 2018: Trace - Blood and Bones (Single) (Ultra/Sony) - "Blood and Bones"
  • 2018: Brett Dennen - Already Gone (Single) (Downtown/Interscope) - "Already Gone"
  • 2018: Lostboycrow - Traveller: 3rd Legend - "Scorpio", "River Of Forgetfulness"
  • 2018: Autograf - Dead Soon (Alt Vision/Casablanca) - "Dead Soon"
  • 2018: Morgxn - Vital (Hollywood Records) - "Harpoon"
  • 2018: XYLO - Don't Panic (Single) (Disruptor/Sony Music Entertainment) - "Don't Panic"
  • 2018: Kandace Springs - Don't Need The Real Thing (Single) (Decca/UMG) - "Don't Need The Real Thing"
  • 2018: Bonsai Mammal and Mason Musso - Let Me Go When You're Ready (Single) (Curvature Records) - "Let Me Go When You're Ready"
  • 2018: Bonsai Mammal and Lils - Like Water (Single) (Curvature Records) - "Like Water"
  • 2018: Bonsai Mammal - For You (Single) (Lowly Palace) - "For You"
  • 2018: Lostboycrow - Scorpio (Single) - "Scorpio"
  • 2017: Lawrence Rothman - The Book of Law (Downtown/Interscope) - "Your Kiss Tastes Like Dope"
  • 2017: Robin Schulz - Uncovered (Warner Music) (Ger#11) - "Love Me A Little"
  • 2017: Michael Patrick Kelly - ID (Sony Records) (Ger #5) (Aus #7) (Swi #5) - "Lazarus"
  • 2017: Gramercy feat. Penguin Prison - Unbelievable Love Single (Spinnin' Records) - "Unbelievable Love"
  • 2017: Eden xo feat. Raja Kumari - Drips Gold (Single) - "Drips Gold"
  • 2017: Autograf - You Might Be (Single) (Big Beat/Atlantic Records) - "You Might Be"
  • 2017: Fenech-Soler - Zilla (So Recordings) - "Be Someone"
  • 2016: Gemini - Wanderlust (Tree of Life/KLS) - "Transcender"
  • 2016: Dirty Heads - Dirty Heads (Five Seven Music) - "Doesn't Make You Right"
  • 2016: Kandace Springs - Soul Eyes (Blue Note Records) - "Fall Guy"
  • 2016: Daniel Wilson - Sinner Of The Week E.P. (AWAL) - "Sinner Of The Week"
  • 2016: Simonne Jones - Gravity E.P. (Universal Records) - "Abduction", "No One", "Spooky Action"
  • 2016: Chløë Black - Groupie (RCA Records) - "Groupie"
  • 2016: Clairy Browne - Pool (Vanguard Records) - "F.U.B."
  • 2015: Chløë Black - Wild At Heart (RCA Records) - "Wild At Heart"
  • 2015: Ellie Drennan - Close Your Eyes (Universal Records) - "Ghost"
  • 2015: Felix Jaehn - Book of Love (feat Polina) (Casablanca/L'Agentur) (Universal Records) - "Book of Love"
  • 2015: Peaches - RUB (I U She Music) - "Dumb F**K"
  • 2015: Diplo - Set Me Free (Mad Decent) - "Set Me Free"
  • 2015: Prides - The Way Back Up (Island UK/Universal Records) - "Linger On"
  • 2015: Shawn Hook - Analogue Love (Universal Records) - "Who Do You Love"
  • 2015: Five Knives - FVKNVS (Red Bull Records) - "Shake My Bones"
  • 2015: Holly Miranda - Holly Miranda (Dangerbird Records) - "The Only One"
  • 2015: The Makemakes - I Am Yours Single - "I Am Yours"
  • 2015: The Makemakes - Big Bang Single - "Big Bang"
  • 2015: Dawa - Feel Alive Single - "Feel Alive"
  • 2014: Mrs Greenbird - Postcards (Sony)–"The Lucky One"
  • 2014: Jamosa - King Single (Avex)–"King"
  • 2014: L0-Fang - Blue Movie (4AD)–"When We're Fire"
  • 2014: Anna F - King In The Mirror (Universal)–"DNA", "Friedberg", "Good Girl", "Change It", "We Could Be Something"
  • 2014: Mickey Guyton - The Right Kind of Wrong (Film)–"It's No Mistake"
  • 2014: Christian Burns - Simple Modern Answers (Armada)–"Kick Out The Jams"
  • 2014: Girl Radical - You And Me Against The World Single (Star Colony)–"You And Me Against The World"
  • 2013: Hedley - Wild Life (Universal) – "Almost Over"
  • 2013: Girl Radical - Don't Get Me Wrong Single (Star Colony) – "Don't Get Me Wrong"
  • 2013: Diane Birch - Speak a Little Louder (S-Curve) – "Love And War"
  • 2013: Matt Cardle - Porcelain–"When You Were My Girl"
  • 2013: Diana Vickers - Music To Make Boys Cry (So Recordings) – "Mr. Postman"
  • 2013: Oh Land - Wishbone (Federal Prism) – "Pyromaniac"
  • 2013: Anna F - DNA Single (Universal) – "DNA"
  • 2012: Madonna - Masterpiece (Universal) – "W.E."
  • 2011: Dia Frampton - Walkaway (Universal) – "The Red Album"
  • 2011: Zowie - Smash It (Sony) – "Smash It"
  • 2011: Ohland - Ohland (Epic) – "Sun Of A Gun"
  • 2011: Jessie And The Toyboys - Jessie And The Toyboys (Prospect Park) – "Push It" "Valentine"
  • 2011: Miho Fukuhara - Miho Fukuhara (Sony) – "Starlight" wrote/produced
  • 2010: Pink - The Greatest Hits So Far (La Face) – "Funhouse" "Sober"
  • 2010: Miho Fukuhara - Miho Fukuhara (Sony) – "Forget"
  • 2010: Weezer - Hurley (Epitaph) – "Smart Girls"
  • 2010: Belinda - Carpe Diem (Capitol) – "Egoista" "Gaia" "Lolita" "Maldita Suerte"
  • 2010: Vita Chambers - The Get Go (Universal/Motown) – "Like Boom" "The Get Go"
  • 2010: Operator Please - Gloves (Brill Records/E.M.I.) – "Gloves"
  • 2010: Belinda - Egoista Single (Capitol) – "Egoista"
  • 2009: Mozella - Belle Isle –Universal/Motown "Luvsik" "Manhattan"
  • 2009: The Dares - Two Left Feet EP –Sony "Two Left Feet"
  • 2009: Amy Pearson - Butterfingers –Sony "Butterfingers"
  • 2009: Vita - Like Boom (Universal/Motown) – "Like Boom"
  • 2009: All Time Low - Jennifer's Body Soundtrack (Fueled By Ramen) – "Toxic Valentine"
  • 2009: Days Difference - Are You Happy (Universal/Motown) – "Are You Happy"
  • 2009: Sally Singleton - Tomorrow (Sony) – "Tomorrow"
  • 2009: Natalie Bassingthwaithe - 1000 Stars (Sony) – "This Can't Be Love"
  • 2009: The Stunners - Bubblegum (Sony) – "Bubblegum"
  • 2009: Kylie - Boombox (Parlophone) – "Boombox"
  • 2008: Pink - Funhouse (Jive) – "Funhouse" "Sober"
  • 2008: David Archuleta - David Archuleta (Jive) – "Don't Let Go"
  • 2008: Amie Miriello - I Came Around (Jive) – "I'd Hate You"
  • 2006: Stefy - The Orange Album (Wind-Up Records)
  • 2006: Rin - Inland Sea (Avex)
  • 2006: Kristy Frank - Freedom (Ruff Nation)
  • 2006: Lisa Loeb - The Very Best Of Lisa Loeb (Geffen) – "Single Me Out"
  • 2006: Belinda - Utopia (EMI) – "See A Little Light" "Luz Sin Gravedad" "Good Good"
  • 2005: Fischerspooner - Odyssey (Capitol) – "We Need A War"
  • 2005: Sara Bettens - Scream (Hybrid) – "Come Over Here"
  • 2005: Marion Raven - Here I Am (Atlantic) – "Crawl"
  • 2005: Santana - All That I Am (Arista) – "Cry Baby Cry"
  • 2005: Skye Sweetnam - Noise From The Basement (Capitol) – "Tangled Up In Me"
  • 2005: Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway (RCA) – "I Hate Myself For Losing You"
  • 2004: Clay Aiken - Measure Of A Man (RCA) – "No More Sad Songs" "Perfect Day"
  • 2004: Ryan Cabrera - Take It All Away (Atlantic) – "True" "Echo Park" "Exit To Exit"
  • 2003: Britney Spears - In The Zone (Jive) – "Touch Of My Hand"
  • 2003: Kelly Clarkson - Thankful (RCA) – "Low"
  • 2001: Krystal Harris - SuperGirl
  • 2000: Doro - Calling the Wild (Koch)
  • 1999: Lotus - Lotus (Rasa)
  • 1999: Doro - Love Me in Black (Warner Brothers)
  • 1996: Whorgasm - Smothered (Rawkus)
  • 1994: Kylie Minogue - Kylie Minogue (BMG) – "Put Yourself In My Place" "If I Was Your Lover"
  • 1993: RuPaul - Supermodel (Tommy Boy) – "Supermodel" "Back To My Roots" "House Of Love"

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